About 'Kangaby Wildlife'

Our mission’ is to rescue and care for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.  Kangaby Wildlife is a registered charity, established by like-minded community members willing to open their hearts and homes for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. 

The sanctuary is run totally by volunteers, with funding and assistance coming through the generosity of community donations and support for fundraising activities.

By supporting Kangaby Wildlife you are giving our native wildlife a second chance for a happy, healthy life.

Help Support 'Kangaby Wildlife' 
We can only achieve our goals with the assistance of generous donations or discounts from members of our community.  Without this help, saving the lives of our beautiful and gentle native wildlife would not be possible.


Rescue teams are at the front-line of responding to animals in need, whether they are sick, injured or trapped and in need of rescue.  We are their emergency services. All wildlife emergency calls, including marine animal boat strikes and beach stranding’s, which come through our 24-hour '1300 ANIMAL' emergency hotline, are responded to by our Animal Ambulance and network of Wildlife Heroes, which includes wildlife rescuers, transporters, veterinarians and licensed rehabilitators.

Items We Need

If you are able to donate any of the following items, it would greatly assist with our ongoing efforts to care for our wildlife.  Thank you! Please, only items that are new, or in good condition and clean. 
Bowls, Birdseed, Heating pads
Aviaries/cages of any size/shape
Dog/cat baskets or beds 
Paper Towels, Bathroom towels
Plastic Rio Baskets
Baby blankets, Baby Bottle Steamers
Portable Cots, Humidicribs 
Native Trees (in pots)
Medical & First-Aid supplies
Shade Cloth


By supporting us you are giving our native animals a second chance for a happy, healthy life. We hope that you will help support our cause by making a monthly or one-off gift!
Donate directly to:
Westpac Bank
BSB:   034-636
Account No:   346328
Account Name:   Kangaby Wildlife 
Send your gifts through PayPal. It's free, secure, effective (see link 'PayPal website' below)!

When you recycle with Containers for Change, you get a 10 cent refund for every eligible drink container you return. Keep the refund or donate it to

Kangaby Wildlife - Scheme ID: C10338398

Leave a Bequest 


Perhaps you’d like to make a specific gift to a charitable organisation from your Estate (a bequest)?  Leaving a bequest is a personal choice and one that comes from the heart.

“Whilst your wishes concerning the distribution of your assets (as expressed in your Will) may ultimately be overridden by the Court, at least making a Will means that your reasoning in making provision for the distribution of your assets in the way that you have will have to be taken into account and given due consideration”.

There are a number of types of bequests to select from:
•   A specific cash amount;
•   A percentage of the total value of your estate;
•   A specific gift of real estate, stocks, shares, bonds etc;
•   A residual gift which enables you to provide specific amounts for family & friends with the remainder being distributed to your choice of charities.

A philanthropic bequest can be included in your Will, as a memorial to your values in life.  For instance, it could be your church, or a favourite charity that you’ve supported, or some other far reaching non-profit work that you’re aware of.

Why choose KANGABY WILDLIFE for your charitable bequest.
Nature is not only essential to the existence of life, but nature also gives us the gifts of beauty, wonder, recreation, and enjoyment.  With its many gifts given to us freely, to be treasured during our own lifetime, and then as custodians, we have both the pleasure and the responsibility of handing it on to future generations.   Looking after nature doesn’t ‘just happen’.  It takes management and commitment.  It’s up to each one of us to commit to the conservation of nature during, and even after, our time here.

If you decide to leave a gift to a non-profit registered charity like KANGABY WILDLIFE, it is important that the correct wording is used in your Will to avoid confusion, including the organisation’s registered name and ABN as shown below.
KANGABY WILDLIFE  - ABN 41 332 697 422 

The following clause may be helpful in Will preparations:
“I bequeath the (sum of $ or type of bequest as appropriate) to KANGABY WILDLIFE – ABN 41 332 697 422 for its general purposes and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of KANGABY WILDLIFE shall be complete discharge to my executors in respect of any sum paid to KANGABY WILDLIFE. 

Thank you for considering how you can continue to help our wildlife by including KANGABY WILDLIFE in your Will.


“This document is intended as a guide only. For this reason, the information contained herein should not be relied upon as legal advice or regarded as a substitute for legal advice. To the maximum extent permitted by law, KANGABY WILDLIFE – ABN 41 332 697 422 is not liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of reliance on this document.